leka roof reviews

  Leka Roof Reviews

  Leka roof reviews. Look at the reviews of the Leka conservatory warm roof.

Leka Roof Reviews

 Leka Roof Review 1

Mr and Mrs Jones were in the final stages of a decision in choosing between two of our competitor systems which both had Aluminium and Timber components within their construction. They were simply looking to find a more local supplier to deal with when they came across an advert in their local paper from one of our certified Leka installation companies. The rest is history and a delighted customer after understanding the complete benefits of the Leka System both before, during and after installation.
“The benefits are far superior than what we had expected. Good service and excellent workmanship to complement such a fantastic product in the Leka System. We now have a conservatory that is usable again and have already recommended this to our friends/family’.
Proud Leka System Owner – Mr and Mrs Jones

Leka Roof Review 3

Mr and Mrs Crossen had experience two major let downs which were indeed costly and disappointing.  Having expensed a full set of roof blinds for their existing polycarbonate roof which simply did not meet with their expectations. They hoped that these would reduce the light, heat and cold factors a roof such as this can bring and having not achieved this they then decided to expense a glass roof. The glass roof came with high expectations but again did not meet all of the customers demands. Thinking they had no other options the customer found the industry leading Leka System………..and have never looked back.
‘A great service from start to finish. Very pleased with the new leka system conservatory roof and would highly recommend this solid roof’
Proud Leka System Owner – Mr and Mrs Crossen

  Leka Roof Review 2

Assuming they had to live with a polycarbonate roof forever, the customer was introduced to our Leka System by their local certified installation company. After a thorough, non-pressured sales consultation, the customer was overwhelmed with the thought of having a genuinely lightweight roof that allowed them to use their conservatory for 12 months of the year.
“The new roof has completely changed how we use our conservatory. Instead of being too hot in summer and too cold in winter we are now able to use it all year round. Along with our new bifold doors it has meant we have been able to sit and enjoy our garden far more this summer than ever before. Thank you so much!”
Proud Leka System Owner – Mr and Mrs Beccles

Leka Roof Review 4

Mr and Mrs Marshall, were tired of an 11 year old conservatory that they longed to use even more, but due to the age and materials, (such as polycarbonate) providing fluctuating temperatures throughout the year……it was impossible . The Leka System was introduced to them by a local installation company who had constructed one recently near there property, so they decided to make an enquiry. See Mr and Mrs Marshall’s testimonial below:
” Our motive in commissioning the work was to provide an “all seasons” room that would compliment the house while keeping with the style and adding kerb appeal. We contacted our local Leka System installation company as we were aware of their recent builds using the lightweight roofing conversion for conservatories. Following a helpful discussion we placed our order to have our conservatory remodelled. The final result is a very convincing addition to the house which looks part of the original build! Although we are only in autumn, the room is noticeably warmer thanks to the insulated roof and up-graded glazing.
The team were skillful, efficient, clean and courteous
Proud Leka System Owner – Mr and Mrs Marshall
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